Aled said he wanted to build a tea machine

What it does

  • It brews you a tea when you look sad

How we built it

  • We have a raspberry pi hooked up to a kettle. An android app is used to detect the emotions in a face. An API request is sent to Azure to detect if you look sad. If you do, it'll send a request to the Python API server running on the Raspberry Pi and start controlling the motors and relay to start the kettle, pump the water and dunk a tea bag into the cup.

Challenges we ran into

  • Android development is very difficult compared to web development methodologies for building apps such as React-Native.
  • A lot of our components would break randomly, which lead to a lot of time spent fixing it
  • Azure took a while to set up

Accomplishments that we're proud of

  • It worked and nothing broke at the end
  • We learned Android development for the first time
  • Azure face recognition was good

What we learned

  • We learned Android development for the first time
  • We learned how to use a raspberry pi with relays

What's next for tea-bot

Get a patent

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