We found our idea through spirited debate and strong research in the ideation phase. We used the suggested ideas from TD as a starting point to look at the Canadian marketplace for opportunities combined with the DaVinci datasets available for use. We were surprise by the number of older Canadians (55+) with significant assets in low yield investments (deposit accounts), this represented 15% of the 70% sample we download of the sample data. This intriguing behaviour coupled with an increased awareness around seniors experiencing isolation, deteriorating health and mental well being gave us a compelling reason to create a community-based approach to matching lenders and investors. We further conducted research on where the need for funding resides and we all agreed that young entrepreneurs with “side hustles” were a key target demographic.

Teamwork makes the dream work. Our team is comprised of highly skilled individuals with specialized talent. Firstly, as a team, we sat down and defined our problem and possible solutions, secondly, we did some research and challenged our assumptions. After we were all in agreement on our product and the problem it was solving we divided the work according to our skills. Our Data Analyst pulled relevant data and mined it. Our UX designer designed our webpage and visuals. Our business & numbers strategist put together the business case and plan and our corporate strategist tied it together Under TD’s core values and mission as well as compiled the presentation withg the team.

We had one dropout that limited our technical capabilities. We had trouble finding how differentiation our selves from other microlenders. The data needed to be accessed one by one through the API, this was time-consuming and took four computers worth of processing power.

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