This problem statement was introduced by TD Bank at the Opening Ceremony and it did get our attention as we too have to go through this phase being a student. We believe that if the payment system is incentivized then the transition for a student to adulthood would be easy.

What it does

This platform will help students to earn some amount of crypto coins whenever they make use of TD Bank Services such as debit/credit card. These coins can be further used to purchase discount coupons for outlets which they usually got to. We are analyzing their transaction data to suggest them coupons based on their spending trends. This way they will save a lot on their future expenses and paying a monthly subscription with the bank won't be a problem. Someone who wishes to donate these incentsives for a good cause can also do that on this platform. Also, we have created an Alexa skill which lets you know the balance in your Reward account.

How we built it

We have leveraged BlockMason's product LINK to build our Blockchain interface for our application. Each user has to have a TD Bank account and an ERC20 Token supported wallet so as to receive the incentives for every transaction. For getting information related to user's transactions, bank accounts and every other detail related to the bank we have used TD DA VINCI API. We have also created an Alexa skill so that the user can check their Loyalty points just by interacting with Alexa.

Challenges we ran into

Clubbing all these API's into one project was definitely a challenge for us. Integrating all individual modules was a challenge but LINK definitely made it easy for us by providing an easy to use API interface for blockchain. One of the challenges was installing the skill on Amazon Alexa

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We are proud that we were able to build an MVP with a great UI. Also, deploy skill's on amazon Alexa for the first time.

What we learned

We all got to learn a lot as a team. Also, individually each and everyone had to go through different documentation and tech stack which we never used before.

What's next for TD Reward's

We have a lot of things in the ideation phase which could make this product a success for sure like:- 1) Giving people power to convert these currencies to fiat directly and giving them option's to pay directly for their subscription fees using these tokens. 2) Loyal customers those who have been associated for a long time should be given benefits like low mortgage and other offers by the bank.

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