The key challenges clients with Lotus Notes Applications are facing:

➢ Lack of Single View: Siloed applications which perform a single function and lack of single case management view. ➢ Product Roadmap and Strategy Missing: Old Technology Stack which lacks roadmap based on new developments pushing clients to move to new technologies. ➢ Limited User Experience: Poor User Experience for the end users. ➢ High Operational Cost and TCO: Managing and maintenance of these applications in Lotus notes is cumbersome. ➢ Business Criticality: Limited ease of development on the platform hinders new feature development.


TCS' Lotus Notes Migration solution, can provide following benefits -

  1. Accelerated Migration : Faster migration of applications from current Lotus Notes to Appian using TCS Appian Migration Utility.
  2. Process Optimization : Improved process efficiency by reduction of manual effort in using siloed applications and easier integration with external systems.
  3. Improved User Experience : Better User Experience using Rich Appian UI and Rules to capture data and take action in an effective way.
  4. Low Code Development : Appian is a Low code application development platform. This enables ease of maintenance and development of new application features
  5. TCO Reduction : Reduction in cost of ownership of applications by reduced maintenance cost and consolidation of the applications through the migration.
  6. Case Management : Appian provides the world leading complex case management capability along with intelligent business process management in the target state, with ability to integrate with artificial intelligence solutions

Solution Details

Automated Migration Utility will help migrate the Lotus Notes application components including, Data Structure, Document and Data easily to automate direct migration to Appian, thus minimizing the manual effort for the migration.

The Solution uses the Lotus Notes Structure to create Appian components in an automated way along with helping Data Migration and document ingestion using Web API into Appian.

What's next for TCS Lotus Notes to Appian Migration

The Solution is continually enhanced with new features including migration from other technologies, data transformation, audit trails, standard reports etc

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