Inspiration As a group of bachelors in the city, we are always looking for ways to connect with other people. But, we wanted something more meaningful than just a swipe to the left or right as we lazed around on our couches. Because after all, shouldn’t the girl or boy of your dreams inspire you to be better person? It is with this reasoning that we built Yala Yuu : The Next Step in Dating.

Summary Yala Yuu tracks your exercise and eating habits and sorts users into different fitness “levels.” As you improve your lifestyle, you will “level up” and have the chance to meet more people, who are also more active. People in similar levels can then start a conversation and organize a meetup.

App Flow Users log in with Facebook and land on their profile, where they see what fitness level they are currently on, and how many more steps or points they need to reach the next one. The higher level they reach, the more people they can meet. Thus, in order to advance to a higher level, one has to work hard, and consistently eat properly and exercise smartly

Tech Stack Yala Yuu is a progressive web app built off of Ionic. Our backend API’s that return constantly updated health information, like steps and fitness level, are built with Node.js and hosted on Heroku. Our messaging feature is built off of calls to Nexmo's REST API. Our Clarifai model, which handles image recognition to determine if the food you eat is nutritious, was trained in python and called through Pubnub.

Challenges The biggest challenge in creating this app was integrating all the various services in such a short period of time. Often it was a struggle not only to properly craft our backend services but also figure out how we would call them.

Lessons Learned As a team, I think we were all impressed by the raw power of some the API’s we had the chance to work with. For example, after doing relatively little training to our Clarifai model set, we were able to use it to accurately judge if foods were nutritionally dense or not.

Next Steps After acquiring some feedback of how we can improve our service. The team at Yala Yuu is very interested in polishing our stack and getting started at connecting people, one step at a time.

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