We want to enable news aggregation, showing live tweets on an interactive map.

What it does

Real News shows you live updates and other information on a map. Follow current events, discover news in your area, or use it to enhance your newsroom.

Currently, it (only) fetches Tweets and shows them on a map. This could be used for research, for writing articles, or as an interactive widget in an online news article which shows current developments!

For example, a post about protests could show live updates sent from that area. Just one idea of many. Or TechCrunch could show live updates from the participants...

How I built it

We use the TomTom API, Twitter API, and some TeamWork magic ✨

Important note

We submitted two repos: First one for the backend (fetching tweets), second one for the frontend (uses a JSON dump)

Challenges I ran into

The front-end was challenging but Team work happened!!

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Our Team

What I learned

Many things we can't list due to deadline constraints :(

What's next for Real News - Interactive newsroom for citizen journalism

Changing the way people see news... and the World

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