Nowadays, children are more attracted to digital platforms as compared to physical books and materials. Digital platforms allow customization and a more creative environment. These platforms and apps can be used to motivate children to spend their time in a productive way. Storytelling apps help children to enhance their learning and develop a sense of curiosity about the world. Stories can play a vital role to foster creativity and problem-solving skills in children. Reading can improve communication skills and language skills, and can spark their imagination.

What it does is an AI-powered app that allows teachers to add vocabulary lists and generate stories based on them. Children can use our app to read the stories. Teachers and parents can track the progress of the children. Our app gives access to a number of thoughtfully structured and compelling stories.

Web app: Mobile app:

How we built it

We built our app using Flask for our backend, MongoDB for our database, and React-Native for our frontend. We trained GPT3 and DALLE 1 models to both generate stories and create pictures off those stories. Other tools we used were Auth0 to handle user authentication, Google Cloud for cloud storage of the stories and pictures, Twillio to have stories be sent by text, and Figma to design the UI

Challenges we ran into

We had a clear idea of how GPT3 and DALLE 1 were going to interact with each other, but it wasn't clear how GPT3 would be able to generate an entire story off of a list of vocabulary words. We overcame this by generating phrases with a given vocabulary word. This would provide GPT3 more input to generate a comprehensible output.


  • React Native
  • React.js
  • MongoDB
  • Google Cloud
  • Open AI GPT3
  • keytotext
  • Auth0
  • Twilio

Getting DALLE 1 to generate images was also a challenge we had to find a hack for. It takes 18 minutes to generate images off of DALLE 1 without any parallelization, so we decided to utilize multiple Colab Pro instances to parallelize the process of generating images.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Story to Image Generation: We managed to go from first generating a story to creating an image from a story. We developed both generators individually until they were at the quality we desired. Then, we developed our backend to take the output from GPT3 and feed it into DALLE 1, essentially forming the pages in our storybooks.

Twilio: We managed to utilize Twilio to extend the functionality of our app to text messages. The video is a demonstration of the app generating a story via text messaging. We found that using Twilio makes it extremely easy for anyone to try out the story generation of

What we learned

  • Optimizing DALLE on Google Colab
    • Generating stories

What's next for TBD

We plan to develop more features for teachers to monitor their student's progress on the storybooks, such as adding a matching game for students to test their vocabulary by mapping words to their correct definitions.

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