What it does and Inspiration

Driven on tackling the theme of diversity, DIVERSI-EAT is an application platform, driven on educating individuals about the diversity of their meals! Through providing a visualization of a user’s meals, our application allows one to recognize, gain knowledge, and embrace the delectable dishes of various cultures. Users are able to explore new dishes with provided recipes based on existing data and view the food adventures of close friends.

Aside from inspiring individuals on their journey through diversifying their palate, Diversi-Eat also strives to promote a more inclusive environment in work and professional settings through a social network and points system. Users will be able to share recipes with friends and inspire each other to diversify their palate further. Users will be rewarded for trying cuisines, but additional points will be gained for diving into dishes whose homes are farther away!

And that’s Diversi-eat!

How we built it

Aside from our love for food and advocacy for diversity, we built the app using Express, TypeScript, Postgres, Spoonacular API and TypeORM in the backend. For our frontend, we used React, TypeScript, Next.js, Cloudinary and Ant Design. Our backend database schema is designed to work for multiple users and stores each user's uploaded dishes. We use machine learning image recognition from Spoonacular API to get the ingredients, recipes, nutritional facts, and cuisine type from a user's image.

Challenges we ran into

We initially had difficulty with API limitations and rate limiting so we had to be careful with how we approached testing. Furthermore, we had difficulties finding a geographic map API that worked well with our design. The libraries we came across were difficult to integrate with React, but we eventually found a library that worked for our minimum viable product requirements. We also scoped a project that was heavily front-end, but our limited experience and the time crunch made it difficult to accomplish everything we originally designed.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're incredibly proud of being able to develop an application focused on diversity, within only 12 hours! We’re proud of our attempt at putting together wireframes and designs for the front-end and being able to connect it with the back-end to dynamically render data in our database. We were able to overcome the challenges that we encountered and improvised solutions when we needed to! Lastly, we are particularly proud of the multiple algorithms we developed, such as the points system, the image recognition services we used to deduce ingredients, related recipes, and cuisine. We also used had the chance to use many popular backend frameworks and libraries such as TypeORM and Postgres.

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