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After almost two years of virtual education because of COVID-19, our productiveness has degraded. We wanted to combat stress and burnout caused by schoolwork. And we also wanted to create something that would help students keep track of their assignments and stay productive. As a teenager who is going to college, we have pass through a harsh two years, we can't meet with friends face to face, can't talk to them, and sometimes we even can't unite with our family. And yet, these two years are the period most important to our life, because we're applying for college and the school's scores is important. We hope with this extension, students who facing the same difficulties can manage their time wisely and have a better score in schools. And this isn't just for students, people are struggling, adults can also use this extension to help organize themselves, and find a way to pass this pandemic.

What it does

Many students and even adults have had problems with a lack of motivation and feeling unproductive due to the extended period of virtual learning/working online. We made a chrome extension to help students keep track of assignments and stay productive. Users can easily download and access the extension, allowing them to keep track of their tasks and study habits. The app allows a user to create to-do tasks they can check off once completed. As they check off tasks, users can level up!

How we built it

We first brainstorm and decide our topic. Our topic is :A todo list with a leveling up mechanism. The audience is students, but also applicable to adults. Our reason to do this is because students procrastinate we want to motivate ourselves to complete our tasks. And we approach these goals through making a chrome extension, because it's convenient and accessible. We coding with mainly 4 types of language, javascript, json, css, and html.

Challenges we ran into

We first struggled with the sizing issues with the task list and progress bar. Then we needed to make sure input on the task list worked. However, after we changed all these, we need to get the popup to work correctly and had to restart several times. The last part was the leveling, we stay up the whole night and couldn’t get the progress bar to update properly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Getting the progress bar updated when an item on the list was checked off took a lot of time and restarting our list code to complete, and but we managed to get it working in the end.

What we learned

We learned how to effectively manage our time and delegate tasks, how to code and upload a chrome extension using html, css, javascript, and how to collaborate in a team.

What's next for TBD

We would like to develop the leveling system more - such as having different types of tasks be worth more points - add features allowing you to study with friends and view their progress and tasks, and create a website so people can create accounts and view their past progress. We also want to improve the user interface and include personalization.

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