The idea of the game was presented by Jocelyn M., who created this concept in late September. We picked up on this because we saw the potential it had. We also wanted to incorporate our recent studies from our computer science class. This includes basic java, graphics, and animation.

What it does

It's an educational game that teaches students about clouds. Funny scenes help make facts more memorizable and simple enough for a child to understand. Every now and then, the player will be given a choice out of two which would lead to a specific event, building up the plot in the story.

How we built it

It was hardcoded with java in Eclipse. Multiple textbox objects were created to inform the player of ongoing events.

Challenges we ran into

Boolean and incrementing integers were hard to keep track of. This caused a problem in displaying the next textboxes, for it the integer somehow incremented incorrectly. We eventually solved this problem!

Accomplishments that we're proud of

A few different objects, animation, characters, story, and the base code are all accomplishments we are proud of! The amount of work it took to finalize these made the ending result bring the most joy for us.

What we learned

Coding is a process! Making a game within a day, without sleep, took patience, cooperation, determination, and effort!

What's next for Make It Rain

We plan to add more plot and more options for the students to be able to choose from. We also would like to include specific instructions, in case those given from the game were not clear. If we plan to make a sequel in the future, it will likely be focused on a different educational topic with a plot that is as captivating as our original was.

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