How to understand what we are living?, How can we estimate this huge marathon on this space?, It's unbelievable that we are in a early stage where a new way to model NFTs is emerging. Where are the first on stage? Kanaria is one of the top NFT projects that we know , the “simple” fact of an NFT animal is one of the most repetitive NFT model probably on the entire blockchain. But, just to give an example, Kanaria tokens are more that a simple bird; they are integrated with their equipment, you can change them by adding new tokens to them, you can use the gems for different awesome characteristics and new ways to understand the NFT world. And this is just only the beginning. Also RMRK give us one of the most expected tokens in the DotSama environment, the most advanced NFT framework , graffiti blockchain. So we are excited with this project. We really love Kanarias , the way that are presented , the colors , the shape of the equipment. For us it is clear such a great work , the structure of the gems to give us the depth escenario of unannounced changes. In this certain way of thought we have this Hackathon feeling of innovation with expert devs, passionate creative community and the most important unveil the future of what’s next.

What it does

In this emotion we feel like kids with this , we want that these precious birds could play and have fun. Understanding this we go back on time to our childhood where we play and have fun in such a simple way. Just playing in our backyard or in the neighborhood street. In Spanish we say Cachipum or Yan Ken Po or stone paper and scissors. Just playing with our hands trying to make a trick just coordinating our view on our friend and hiding our trick behind our back. These feeling of childhood , or better days are coming in the most pleasure thoughts. Do we want to have fun? But also what is the center of having fun? Like a child playing just to communicate and create a laugh with something simple like playing with our hands, this is a very similar feeling that we have with this. This is only the beginning, we can have different ways to create battles between NFTs. On a whole, we envision a this platform to be the point where many players converge with their NFTs (RMRK) to challenge others in different kind of battles offered by the platform.

How we built it

We are creating the foundations for a decentralized gaming architecture using NFTs as main actors where interactions will depend exclusively on the players and will remain unchanged in a fair and decentralized way with a fair and honest zero-sum token economy.

Challenges we ran into

Fortunately the existence of good documentation about how RMRK works helped us a lot during the development. One of the challenges we faced at the beginning was how to get the NFT data; after some time checking different documentations we found the APIs that served that info. This is only the first step in this project and there are other challenges we will face during the development we have planned in our roadmap. Trying to give an utility to our birds is the feeling that connect us in this simple way , like when we broke KSM network on one of the last days of emoting , just having fun emoting and knowing new friends , just for the fact of interaction and believing that we are creating or being participated of something without any precedent.

What We Want

In this expect chaos thought we want to believe that this can be totally cross chain and interoperable on the dotsama ecosystem. Also this will be a game so we can create a total economy on this basis. We have very interesting projects outside of dotsama like axies, overlord, thetan arena. And Also the moonsama project and the Minecraft flip. Also understanding this we can dream one seeing this of part of the metaverse and having so much opportunities.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

What we really want to achieve is that this platform can be totally generic and include all the types of nfts possible and Kanaria is just the beginning We feel that integrated a way of record the victories of the game on a smart contract will be very important. Also we don’t discard could create our own nfts to take this to the next level on a composablity way of thought

What we learned

We have learned a lot about the RMRK protocol, especially the potential it has. In our view NFTs are the a key part of the digitalization of the world where the entertainment sector (video games, play to earn, art) is just the tip of the iceberg. For instance, the ability to assign to a digital identity digitized tangible objects and digital intangible objects in a sovereign and decentralized way opens up a scenario of infinite possibilities.

What's next for RMRK Battle

2021 Q4: RMRK Battles interact with Kanaria NFT Collections with a Classic Ya-Ken Po game.

2022 Q1: Add new games for the platform and new ways to interact with Kanaria and other NFT collections.

2022 Q2: RMRK Battles first NFT collection is publish on Singular Marketplace.

2022 Q3: Launch of RMRK Battle Metaverse.

2022 Q4: Launch to RBTL token. Implement DAO with RBTL token (Governance)

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