💡 Inspiration

We love Piano Tiles, but how about we make it a more satisfying tactile experience AND fun and flashy????? Introducing it's lit, a hardware and web game for your local fidgeter to tap physical buttons along with lights and music!!

🚨 What it does

it’s lit allows users to take a break anytime and give their fingers a little bit of activity. The game helps improve hand-eye coordination, or just gives the opportunity to vibe to colourful lights and music!! (hooray!)

From our website, the user can select the song they’d like to ~vibe~ and play along with! Once gameplay has started, the user will redirect their attention to the physical hardware. They will try to tap the buttons to incoming LEDs as they appear, which also match up with the beats of the song. At the end of the song, the user’s accuracy will be displayed on the website screen, so that they can continue to improve their performance!! No lives lost :)

⚡ How we built it

Hardware: Circuits were first prototyped using Arduinos before being moved to the Raspberry Pi. We used LEDs to represent the tile-like gameplay and pushbuttons for user input. 8-bit shift registers with parallel out were used to control LEDs. Raspberry Pi was programmed in C.

Frontend: Prototyped on Figma, then used React to build the site

🐿️ Challenges we ran into

Since this was our first time making a hardware hack, we were having a bit of trouble setting it up. We're grateful for Hack the North's resources that helped us get started!

On the hardware side, we ran into an issue of having too many led pin outputs needed. To solve this, we used an 8-bit shift register but reading the documentation for the SN74HCH595N 8 bit shift register took a while. This lets us use 6 pins instead of 16 to drive the 16 leds.

🚀 Accomplishments and what we learned

Being able to try something new with the hardware and make a game that we could play was very rewarding!! We love music and lights, and we had a lot of fun building this project!

🏔️ What's next for it's lit

  • Adding a multiplayer feature so friends can tap to flashing lights together (and see who's better ;) )
  • Automated song creation between the music and the lights!
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