Lack of time is a common stressor for many nowadays, and oftentimes it’s caused by procrastination. Procrastination itself is thought to come from an emotional reaction to whatever it is we’re avoiding. But what if all we needed was a 10 minute break after working for several hours on end?

As John Lennon said, “The time you enjoy wasting, is not wasted time.” We figured there’s an app for allowing us to take a break on the internet without being judged by someone looking at our screen without context. When we googled “procrastination apps,” however, the top results are for apps that help us beat procrastination by staying focused and minimizing distractions.

The issue is, after many hours of doing real work, the odds that someone like our boss or parent walks in on us as we’re taking a break is pretty high according to Murphy’s Law.

What it does

We created a Chrome extension anyone can download to take that me-time to browse the internet guilt-free and without the worry of being judged. By enabling this extension, with a click of a button, we can turn any page we're viewing into one that looks like we're conducting research. We do this by changing the styling on the page and replacing images with more professional ones. That way, we can read the original content and be on a page that has the look and feel of something we might be researching.

How we built it

We built this extension using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Challenges we ran into

Having limited knowledge of Chrome extensions, it was hard at the beginning to figure out how tasks can be divided and how far we can stretch ourselves with learning web development technology. The steepest learning curve for most of the team was really learning how JavaScript allows for interactivity and how we can leverage it to manipulate the DOM on page. Github also gave us some difficulty at the end when creating a new branch.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Most of the team had never worked with the tech stack with web development technologies. Not only were we able to create our first (or second) working Chrome extension, we had fun brainstorming reasons for why anyone - not just us - could use an extension like this and making our ideas come to life.

What we learned

Most of us learned how to code in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript and about the different ways we can use a Chrome Extension to make changes to a page. Most of us also had a blast experiencing our first hackathon and working on a fun project that we would use. The more experienced hacker on the team learned a lot about embracing team creativity and exploring new features to implement via a Chrome Extension.

What's next for this project

Building additional features and building out a fuller user interface!

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