Pride Match

Find gaming teammates within the LGBTQIA+ community!


We wanted to create a gaming platform for the LGBTQIA+ community where they can find teammates or friends for the games they play. Pride Match is our solution for making an inclusive gaming experience where users have a sense of validation as everyone on this platform is a part of the LGBTQIA+ group, an ally, or from another minority group.

What it does

Pride Match is a web application where the LGBTQIA+ can find teammates for games they play. Users can browse through a selection of games and add teammates who play the same games and share similar interests, which are shown on their profiles. Their profile can also display their gender, pronouns, and orientation if they choose to do so.

The recommendations page suggests teammates based off the user's current/mutual teammates and other potential teammates' interests and games. If a user is not logged in, then random teammates will be displayed. This is how Pride Match users can find friends to connect and play with!

Pride Match also has a Forums page with a game and general category. The games forum is where the community can converse about games while the general forum is for any other topic. We have planned for forums to have their own chat so that users can easily interact with one another and potentially become teammates.

For login, users can login with the account they registered with Pride Match or login with their Google account. If it is their first time logging in with their Google account, they will be prompted to complete the rest of the registration form such as filling in their orientation (optional), listing the games they play, linking their social media, etc.

How we built it

In our GitHub repository, we have created an organization called Pride Match and a repository for both the frontend and backend. Here's our link.

For the frontend, we designed it with React which includes HTML, CSS, Javascript (JSX). As for the backend, we are using Python while MySQL is used for the database. We also utilized Google OAuth for Google logins. We plan to incorporate Firebase for our messaging and notifications systems.

Challenges we ran into

We had a few merge conflicts that were resolved after some time. Other than that, everything else went smoothly but we may not have enough time to fully complete all planned features such as the forums.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have gone as far with this application as we could. Everyone has contributed their best effort to make Pride Match possible. We're also proud of going through with this idea because it encourages inclusivity and validity within the LGBTQIA+ group. Even allies can be included and join in!

What we learned

We'd like to thank TeamLiquid for hosting the PrideMakers 2021 Hackathon. It was a pleasure to work with each other as we are all from different parts of the world. We learned to effectively communicate with one another. Some of us learned new technology and some of us further enhanced our skills! It was a great opportunity to do something for the LGBTQIA+ community. We consider ourselves allies, and this experience will further encourage us to support them in any way we can!

What's next for Pride Match

Pride Match can definitely do more to support our fellow LGBTQIA+ members. Another feature that can be implemented is a "News Forum" where users can discuss current events related to the community. This forum can also include the option to organize Pride parades and petitions, links to other LGBTQIA+ clubs, and donations to LGBTQIA+ causes.

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posted an update

Hello, I'm Yukie and I worked on the frontend using React for our Pride Match application. I've had a bit of experience with React from a previous school project but this application really put my skills to the test. I designed the layout for all pages and components. I also set up the environment for the application work dynamically such as mapping the teammates array to create multiple teammate cards.

We could not completely connect the backend and frontend, but we did get the login and registration APIs working. We were unable to test and use all APIs created due to the shortage of time. Nevertheless, I'm proud of what I've accomplished from participating in this hackathon: improving my React skills, gaining experience from working in a group, and sharing my thoughts and ideas more in team discussions.

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posted an update

Hi, I'm Tomek and I've created backend REST API for this project. It was my first time creating an API in python and flask, usually I work with C#. It was a great learning experience. API uses authentication based on jwt tokens and google authentication. Main functionalities of this API are:

  • providing user data
  • providing recommendations endpoints allowing users to find new teammates
  • providing forum threads and comments

All functionalities are implemented, but there are still some bugs that could have been fixed. Overall I'm happy I could create something new and have fun with it.

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