Well poop is not usual as a tech project. and chatting a bot everytime you poop is also not normal. Which fits this theme! But this bot has a real life use, health problems that can be easily ignored are commonly associated with defecation since it is unpleasant to look at one’s own excrements. However, fatal health signals can be shown from one’s poop, which gave us an idea that we should make people frequently check and keep in track of their excrements. In doing so, we came up with the project “excrebot”, which is a poop analysis chatbot.

What it does

The main function of Excrebot is that it is a chatbot that detects the user’s daily poops. Next, it warns the users if there are any problems regarding their poop. Also, we have a set of questions provided for the users to check the daily excrement. Lastly, this quiz function and chat bot function both serves to keep track of the user’s poop and notifies them about problems. In doing so, Excrebot allows users to maintain health as if they are associated with a physician, when they do not necessarily have to show their excrement to other people since an AI chatbot is provided.

How we built it

Prior to every process, we started with researching types of poop and information about it to gain knowledge for the chatbot. We used ‘’ to collaborate with the coding aspect of Excrebot. allowed our teammates to access the code easily and receive updates consistently. We used python and autocaffe as our main coding languages to build the AI chatbot. Autocaffe is a new language that none of use new, so it was quite a challenge to learn a whole new language!

Challenges we ran into

One of the biggest challenges that our team faced was the time limit and the difference in time zones. Since we had only 36 hours to build up our idea and professionally implement it, we had to rush through all the processes as a result. Also, we had to overcome the time zone differences, which was about 15~17 hours among team members. However, we were able to constantly communicate and support each other through the discord server. Some team members stayed up until midnight to contribute and collaborate, which is highly meaningful. Team members even learned new coding languages.Even though 36 hours of time was a short amount of time, we believe that we focused well and pulled through our project successfully.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Beyond such hackathons that focus on topics that are highly strict and serious, we were proud that we were able to implement such an entertaining project that can solve health problems effectively. In addition, we successfully completed developing an AI chatbot, which was a challenging aspect for all our teammates since none of us were experienced with it. This is also the first time all of use built a usable chatbot, and implement an picture analyzer in it! We also learned a new language in a very short amount of time. Lastly, we were able to gain knowledge regarding excrements by researching all types and information for it.

What's next for Excrebot

Besides features such as quizzes and chatbots, we are aiming to expand to various health aspects. Excrebot’s feature has a high potential of being included in various medical fields since it can deal with keeping track of the patients’ health status. We are highly eager to add more features to Excrebot so that it can perform even more efficiently later on.

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