During COVID, a lot of us are back home and secluded from our friends to protect the health of others. Finding ways to entertain ourselves can be challenging, and many people who play video games cannot play the same games that they would be able to in-person due to online limitations.

Growing up, many of us had single player arcade games that defined our youth. We wanted to provide a way to re-experience these single player classics while working with other real players across the world to beat the game. As such, each run-through of a game is always unique and fresh.

As such, we present a platform that showcases a single player game where you defeat bosses with other players, however these players are essentially live replays of past plays. This allows you to play with a variety of people across the world asynchronously.

Furthermore, for those who may be interested in retro classics affording minimal online players, an asynchronous gaming platform can relieve player availability issues.

How we built it

We leveraged Solace's capabilities as well as PhaserJS in order make for an offline asynchronous co-op experience.

We envisioned using Solace as an asynchronous messaging queue to send randomized partners for boss fights to users across the world.

Challenges we ran into

PhaserJS and Solace were brand new, we thoroughly enjoyed the challenge.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud that you we got a functioning boss fight done in time. The sprite work, animations, map design, as well syncing it up with the Solace enabling multiple players to connect was also a challenge. Below, we have linked a live demo of our app. Since our demo video would have consisted of showing the hosted site, we opted to share it instead and let our fellow hackers give it a try.

What we learned

We learned that given enough time (and pivoting) we could mold a mere speck of an idea into something much more concrete.

What's next for Playsync

One of the next steps is to include more titles within the game.

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