Inspiration : Convalescent Plasma treatment involves taking antibody-rich plasma from the blood of patients who have survived COVID-19, then infusing it into those who are ill to help their bodies fight off the disease.

What it does : Convalescent Plasma Tracker (CPT) is a platform that connects Convalescent Plasma donors and Providers treating COVID-19 patients

How I built it : Nurses will enter the Convalescent Plasma donor information via Patient Data Collection forms of CPT Web application and/or CPT Mobile application. The collected donor information will then be stored as FHIR resources in a HL7 FHIR repository. The donor information will be available via standardized FHIR APIs to the EHR systems across the nation. CPT data repository thus connects plasma donors and providers of COVID-19 patients.

What I learned : FHIR APIs will enable seamless interoperability between the donors and recipients.

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