For most people, statistics, charts, and data is conveyed in a quite inaccessible and boring way. We believe that if enough people know about climate change and care about climate change, then they can put enough pressure on governments to take serious action. Consequently, Statistican's Dream was created.

What it does

Statistican's Dream renders a city of cities: each building represents the total amount of CO2 emitted by a city in a year, and the colour of each building represents the CO2 emissions per capita that city emitted in a given year. The user can walk around the city and hover over buildings to see the name of the city represented, and alternate between different years to detect trends over the year.

How we built it

We used HTML, CSS, and Javascript, with the simulation built using the Javascript library three.js.

Challenges we ran into

We had never used three.js before, so the main challenge was learning how this library works and how to build what we wanted using three.js.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned some basics of three.js, which we are quite proud of, and we also found a creative and new way to truly understand and grasp data.

What we learned

Three.js, and quite a lot about which cities are the biggest offenders in terms of CO2 emissions. We also learned how to carefully think about data representation.

What's next for Statistician's Dream

Allow the user to select certain policy interventions -- and predict how the "city of cities" would evolve based on those policy interventions.

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