We all avoid talking about our money and finances, so we decided to take a new approach towards personal finance education and money management by gamifying the Capital One API to teach users.

What it does

Using the Capital One API we gamified the banking and money managing experience while introducing rewards for good practices and repercussions for irresponsible spending. For good behavior, the user is rewarded with a chance to purchase items in the app whereas bad behavior is punished for cost-saving mechanisms like lowering your Nest Thermostat to save money on your bills.

How we built it

We utilized the Capital One API for information regarding our user's banking needs from ATM Fees they incur to purchases they make. That data along with a user's profile configuration is used to create tasks that they want to keep track of. We utilize a Node.JS server to handle all requests to create tasks that feed into our app which is integrated with multiple platforms (web and iOS).

Challenges we ran into

We faced numerous challenges while integrating all of the different segments of our project when creating, and updating habits. While brainstorming, we could not effectively limit the scope of our project because there are so many different elements of money management that can be considered but also many characteristics of an enjoyable game.

What's next for The Real Life Banking Game

Expansion to leverage real-life banking data so that the game can be used for a more practical purpose. Including more options for users to keep track of good or bad spending habits.

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