Our love for classic video games was brought back during quarantine such as Mario and wanted to create a more modernized version of the games we loved as children. Thus, we thought up of 6 Feet Apart.

What it does

6 Feet Apart is a single player game in which the player must try to avoid making contact with incoming "bacteria" and try to survive as long as possible without getting "sick". Once the player makes contact with the "bacteria" three times, they will succumb to a fever which ends the game.

How we built it

The game was programmed through Python using the pygame library. Throughout the duration of this project the group collaborated together through Discord and Visual Studio Code Live Share. We distributed our work evenly among each group member dividing tasks such as visual design, coding, and debugging.

For the artwork, it was created in Photoshop.

Challenges we ran into

Our project came into an issue where it would crash when we tried to implement a collision/hitbox feature on our objects. This problem would also branch into another issue which would cause the program being unable to create multiple "bacteria" on the screen at once.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Not being too familiar with pygame, the group as a whole is proud of our final product despite not finishing. We were able to create a semi-functional game where we were able to control an object with user input.

What we learned

The group became more aware of the uses of several newer libraries, more importantly pygame.

What's next for 6 Feet Apart

The group plans on completing this project ourselves during our free time even after the HOYA event.

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