I picked up a couple of LCD monitors and said "you know what would be cool?"

What it does

displays text on a 16X2 character LCD display the story to the user, they can make a variety of choices using three buttons. at certain points they will encounter random enemies and using a rand() to generate random numbers the players will fight until either them or the enemy is dead. the player has three choices each round of combat: heavy Attack. Normal attack, and Defensive attack.

How we built it

we used an arduino as the base of the machine, and then we attached two LCD monitors, one for text and the other an image display. on the main one we display the choices and story to the player. on the image one we display the health of the player and the status of the enemy.

Challenges we ran into

the image display had a lack of documentation, in the end I had to get the help of another team and he found a chinese manual. we also just generally had a lack of experience, but I feel we overcame that nicely and became a real team.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

we overcame all obstacles and got everything working to a high level of precision. it was really cool. I also had never led a team of hackers before so I was proud that we had a good idea and worked together to accomplish it h

What we learned

What's next for TBA: Text Based Advent

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