The first inspiration was the challenge presented by Tatra Banka, UX/UI Money Management Challenge. What motivated us to participate in this challenge was possibility to build almost anything we can think about and no limitations.

What it does

Our project is divided into two parts. The first one, Personal Finance Manager (PFM) is a tool implemented into current TB mobile application. This tool allows you to see your balance and transfers from all your accounts in every bank (by PSD 2). By providing informations from all your accounts, this tool can help you optimize your spendings and help you save more money and also reach your personal goals. Most important parts in our tool are comparing your spendings with people similar to you and the chat bot called Tobee, offering you possibilities to save money.

How we built it

Challenges we ran into

UX/UI Money Management Challenge by Tatra Banka.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Providing complex concept of PFM and Academy and designing our solution.

What we learned

We have learnt something about mobile banking application, about Open Banking, AI and also about trends in banking sector. We also improved our analytic thinking and creating a valueable product for client.

What's next for TB Personal Finance Management

The next part of TB Personal Finance Management is creating a huge, complex and reliable algorithm for analysing data.

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