Taylor Swift.

How it works

Back end server that connects with our buttons and client devices via PubNub, and we have a mobile phone app built on PhoneGap

We have a backend server, client applications running on embedded systems inside each button, custom network enabled microcontrollers on each of our connected devices, as well as a PhoneGap app.

Everything talks to each other over PubNub and we ported the PubNub clients to openwrt mips and ardunio esp8266.

Challenges we ran into

Network connectivity, hardware reliability, coordinating a team, and integrating a brand new Sinch feature that needed some tweaking.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Team members learned new skills, played with new hardware and frameworks we have never worked with before, and some did more complicated development then they have ever done before! We also were able to integrate a brand new Sinch feature (txt to speech!)

What's next for TayTay Button

Creating more button-based apps!

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