We want to make the life of the user much easier in the smart home automation industry

What it does

Tayar is composed of two components, hardware and software. The technology provides the user remote controlling and monitoring ability. It is a one device add on to the building that will provide those features. In other words, you don’t need to change anything in your building. Just add our technology synchronize it to the software and it will be ready to use. This makes it very easy to install and at a cheaper price. Also, it uses machine learning technology to learn the users method of use and over time reduces the consumption by 15-20%.

How we built it

using microcontroller and a few programming languages

Challenges we ran into

the choose of technology that will provide high fetures with a lower price to purchase

Accomplishments that we're proud of

won a fintech competition and done many side projects for goverments and privet sector

What we learned

anyhting is possible

What's next for TAYAR

to contract it with large real estate owner, also connect it to dewa as a certified technology that will help in reducing electricity and track consumption to make better decisions.

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