as the world moving to automation through data, FBR is still asking citizens to return file tax. citizen has to submit their payslip as income proof and all utility expenses. while FBR introduced the POS for retailers, hotels and restaurants to monitor the sales tax in real-time. but integrate with Business registrations departments, electric supply companies, gas supplies and telecommunication departments that collecting GST from citizens but providing data to FB of individual citizens

What it does

Simulation solution to ensure that, whenever a company registers the citizens' business, utility connections, and employers add the employment of citizens, FBR will be able to calculate the income tax, sales tax through it

How we built it

in real-world, FBR will expose their APIs to companies to enter the details of citizens, or the companies have to give access to FBR to collect the data of individual citizen by CNIC/NTN

Challenges we ran into

lack of knowledge how FBR works, and how tax is collected, we have to analyze the whole process

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Entry of citizens banks accounts, utility consumers, income source details and business details,

What we learned

automation and a central database can save the time of citizens and government and it is also a trustable way to monitor/calculate the tax

What's next for Taxomat

we have to divide the whole application in multiple applications like integration to Bankings, Uility Suppliers, Business registration departments, where citizens details shared to FBR

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