Shared rides that the app handle are :

FASTER : Finding taxis or passengers take less than 3 minutes thanks to our real-time databases.

SAFER : We offer a single-gender option (males only, females only or mixed) for taxi searching, and users of the app can be reported or honored by other users, in addition to that, relevant details about the driver are displayed to build trust.

COST EFFICIENT : Passengers and drivers can enter custom prices per passenger or for the trip, and the app will find the cheapest ride for the passengers and the best deal for drivers.

TIME-SAVING : Starting a search for taxis or passengers is fast and beginning a ride can take less than 5 minutes.

All optional mini-challenges are added :

We developed a smart queue and an advanced picking system to create a connection between passengers to each other and drivers based on multiple unique options such as : type of taxi (small or large), destination (fixed or custom), sexe (females only, males only, mixed), prices, location (near, far, moderate) etc.

Locations of passengers and drivers are updated and shared in real-time as we are processing data instantly, which allow the passengers to find or schedule taxis just by enabling a simple scheduling checkbox and by entering the correct destination and time (in the next 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 1h 30 minutes etc.)

Male or female passengers may prefer to ride safely, that's why we added an option to give them the possibility to share their trips only with passengers of their gender.

Our solutions for the limitations in Morocco

1- Prevent spam and false driver/passenger requests : The app is aimed to be used legally and only by licensed taxis, that's why drivers need to enter specific information of their certified vehicles, also we wanted to protect our queue system from false registrations by giving priority to honored users and by banning reported ones.

2- Expensive mobile internet with no free hotspots : Mobile internet is slow and the cost of bandwidth is expensive which is challenging when building an app that need to fetch data frequently. With this in mind, we focused on using new reliable technologies such as real-time databases rather than a traditional client-server architecture for all our communications which allowed us to gain more than 40% in performance and speed.

3- Passengers can't pay with their smartphones : There is no official payment methods for smartphones, and many passengers don't even have bank accounts, that's why we created a smart queue and an advanced picking system based on user reactions with no need for payments which was inspired by a very popular game (League of Legends)

4- Two types of taxis which are very different : Large taxis have fixed destinations/prices and can travel within a city or city-to-city with up to 6 passengers. Small taxi can carry up to 3 passengers and handle custom destinations/prices, but can also have fixed destinations (if taken for example from airports or train stations). Our app support large and small taxis and each type have special options and features that make the riding experience very pleasant for passengers and riders.

5- Illiteracy and age groups of the Moroccan users : Even if a medium part of passengers and drivers are illiterate and old (specially for drivers of large taxis) many of them are using their smartphones on a daily basis, that's why our app is very easy to use, to learn and don't need any special knowledge to start searching for a taxi or a passenger.

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