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I am a Moroccan Student, living in Casablanca which is considered the most crowded city here in Morocco, The problem addressed in this challenge is a huge one, a one that I can notice in my daily life, I see a lot of people struggling to find Taxis willing to drive them exactly where they want to.
There is a lot of taxis in the city, but getting a taxi may be hard because the taxi drivers may not interested in going where that person wanted to or he has a passanger going to an other far location, of course the same Applies for a Taxi driver because it can really be frustrating to stop for people but not getting client because he cant go as far as they want him to, which end up in wasting time for both the taxi driver and the person in need of a Taxi. Recently, I was going on to the train station with my father and we decided to take a Taxi to drive us there, several Taxi passed by, we got to talk to a few of them but at the end we spent about 25min untill we found one that was willing to drive us to the train station which is quite a lot of time wasted. I heard about this Hackaton some weeks ago and since I have some free time I decided to give it a shot because I like the idea of improving Overall Taxi experience with a mobile APP, and I felt like it would be a good challenge for me to improve my Application designing and programming skills

The Solution

The solution that I came up with is two Separate mobile applications, one which will be used by Taxi drivers and the other one by the people in need of a Taxi, let's call them Riders from now on to make it easier.

The Drivers App:

The driver have to register and login on the App first, then he will find an interface that will allow him to add / remove Clients on his taxi's seats, and finally to set up his current destination. When the app finds a suitable client, the taxi driver receives a notification giving him informations about his Client, current location & destination, he can preview the client route, and either accept or refuse the client request. In case he accepts the client, his client will automatically be added to the taxi's seats. Of course, we do not expect Taxi drivers to pick up Only people using the App, so he can manually choose to add / remove clients from his seats.

The client (Rider) App:

the Rider will have to register / login on the App and the first thing he will see is a Map where he can set up his destination. After setting up the destination, the client will have two options.

  • Quick search :

    • This option should be used when the Rider is looking for a Taxi without any specific requirements.
  • Advanced search : This search gives the Rider different options.

    • He can choose if he is alone or not, he may add up to two persons with him.
    • If the Rider is a girl, she has the possibility to share ride only with girls.
    • Manual choice, this option allows the Rider to choose a taxi by himself, he will receive a list of available taxis and their current locations, with the possiblity to send a request.

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