Recently I went to a a new city in Cameroon and I had to use shared taxis while in the city. Unfortunately, I didn't know how much to pay for most of my destinations so I kept asking people how much I should pay to go from one point to another. That's where I wished for an app that could just tell me how much to pay for a taxi to go from one point to another in a given city.

What it does

It tells you how much you should pay for a taxi to go from one point to another in a given city. It also display the possible routes between the origin and destination on a map with useful information on each stop.

How I built it

I built it by first collecting the price information for various taxi routes in my current city (Yaounde) to store them in the database. Then I created an API that searches that database and returns the information. What is return by the API is then used by the client app to display the routes information in a Google Map with some useful information.

Challenges we ran into

  • Deploying the app on Google Cloud Platform was quite challenging as it was my first time doing something like that.
  • Finding all the possible routes between two taxi stops (including stopovers).

Accomplishments that I am proud of

Being able to conceive, build and deploy a working MVP in less than a month. I wasn't sure I could make it but I did and I am proud about it.

What I learned

How to display routes in a Google Map.

What's next for Taxinod

The next steps will be to drop the dependancy on the database to find the prices. Instead we could use the Google Maps autocomplete for places to find the possible taxi stops and then estimate the price between them using information like driving distance, duration, traffic...

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