What it does

This game allows for users to race agains other users, they will race to pick up a customer somewhere in the city. The first person to reach the customer wins.

Players have to stay on/close to roads, go too far away and your car will stop and you will have to reverse back to the road!

When a somebody wins, all players are relocated to a new city, and the game starts again!

You can learn how to get around the city as you play.

How we built it

To create the application we have used mainly JS, for the Maps we have used Mapbox, and sockets we have used pubnub, the server is wrote is node.js using express.

Challenges we ran into

Allowing for the car to only drive on the road was quite tricky, after hours of reading the mapbox docs we found that we can customise the map styles allowing to add layers such as roads and buildings, so when everything you can drive on eg motorway, bridge etc.. inherits for roads, so we use this to make sure the player is on a road, when playing it was very hard to stay on the road, so we added a bit off offset to the left, right and front, so aslong as the road was in 30px of either way you are okay ti drive.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Multiplayer, this took some time to think about how we wanted this to work, allowing user to see where all the other players are really brings the game to life.

What we learned

if something can go wrong, it will, multiple times. over, and over again.

What's next for Taxi Racer: City Edition

Mobile with tilt control. (Then all consoles)

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