In Haiti, taxis are almost like at Marocco: they have to fill their seats in a taxi station and take only people who are going in their ways!

What it does

Taxi'm help taxi drivers: 1) find passengers who are waiting for a taxi and know their destinations 2) share his available free seats 3) share his preferred destinations for this ride

Taxi'm also help passengers find taxi with their preferences: 1) destinations 2) free seats 3) gender of passengers already in the taxi 4) schedule taxi 5)

How I built it

It's an android app, developed with android sdk, android studio, java, google map, couple with php/mysql services for data processing.

Challenges I ran into

Ford Code for Taxicabs Mobility Challenge.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

Use of some very amazing features of the google play services api.

What's next for Taxi'm (My Taxi)

  • Schedule ride
  • Interactions between passengers/passengers - passengers-drivers
  • OpenXC Integration

- and so ...

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