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We wanted to make a game of some sort, but didn't have any specific ideas. We used the categories provided by the sponsors as a starting point, and after brainstorming for a few hours came up with this.

What it does

Tax Haven lets a player try their hand at stock market speculation by giving them access to a recreation of real financial data from 2014-2019 (or from five years prior to whenever they play the game). It's a fun exercise, and perhaps a lesson about how predicting the future isn't as easy as it seems. Players are deducted random, small amounts from their pool of money to account for daily living expenses, so they must make maintain or grow their wealth. The main graphical display will respond in accordance to how much money players are earning.

How we built it

The game itself is an web app made entirely in ReactJS, and supported through Gatsby. We hosted the site on a server we already had access to and used a domain name provided by

Challenges we ran into

ReactJS is weird and hard to debug. Next time, we'll do a hack in C. Or assembly.

Accomplishments that we're proud of


What we learned

Planning in advance is helpful.

What's next for taxhaven

We'll consider fleshing the idea out a bit more over the next few months if we have the time.

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