While looking at the challenges, Esri's technologies really intrigued us, so we knew we wanted to build something using ArcGIS.

What it does

We made an interactive visualization of Tax Act's API data using Esri maps,

How we built it

Hit Tax Act's API endpoints, converted it into .csv, implemented it into a feature layer on ArcGIS's map API, thus sorting our data, and then integrated that onto a website created from Esri's StoryMaps platform.

Challenges we ran into

We had difficulty with learning an entirely new platform, particularly, the ArcGIS API, and how feature layers would receive data and display it on the map. Once we had our map populated, we also had issues with system performance.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We learned and deployed an application on an entirely new platform creating a viable product to build upon.

What we learned

ArcGIS is a really powerful platform with many interesting tools and features. Along with this, Tax Act gave us some insight into the world of data science and analytics.

What's next for taxalytics

With Esri's powerful analytics, we have unlimited scope to increase our data set, and widgets would allow us to manipulate our data even further.

Built With

  • esri
  • story-maps
  • tax-act
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