..needs and wants accessible (Including a barter system)

Inspiration: Ellery Newton wondered why there isn't a way to look at the government spending publicly. He then stepped back and realized that others wondered about tax solutions for citizens needs and wants whenever.

What it does: Wikipedia lists countries by tax rate. Our web app views how taxes in all the world’s governments are distributed filtered through the maslow’s hierarchy pyramid. Also get the data of all the people in the world's demographics too. Pull from tinder for the girls and guys, pull from yelp reviews for the food. Show all companies working on each need and want. A universal data app or system just for wiki data. international comparisons of government spending policies. US state-to-state comparisons might make sense. Key it off of per-capita state income. Internationally. Wikipedia idea extend more generally. Wikipedia app can be used as a common data format in wikis to add an additional app or site to just pull and compare data all day. Ideally easily pop the data into Excel and R-lang. Possibly build on the wiki data format.

How to get data -

Here is the list of tax rates by country: https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_countries_by_tax_rates

Here is information about the U.S GOA. This includes products they use:


Here’s Washington’s local SAO website. This includes an advanced search filter on reports:


Our world in data: https://ourworldindata.org/happiness-and-life-satisfaction and https://ourworldindata.org/taxation

For a complete abstract, this might involve knowledge from computer information systems faculty.

To achieve the desired data, we could perhaps mine using Tableau and Rapid miner. Additionally, using machine learning, define a task then apply networks that are trained to recognize tax information.

Challenges: There are certains things that are difficult to categorize. Logistics. If food is in Texas. How to get it to Connecticut? Start in one state. How to get it delivered? Possibly have one at each corner where someone can use their phone to request it. (Since most have smartphones now). Also difficult to get people working in those locations. Users taking advantage of the app is possible. There will be many more differences we might have to think about or account for. “Like all other socio-political conceptions (democracy, liberalism, social democracy, capitalism, markets,….), libertarian socialism is a set of guidelines, leaving their implementation to the societies, in this case, a free participatory society. I think we can take it for granted that the choice would not be a barter economy”

What’s next for Tax tracker: In theory, we want our website to include a web app online registry any citizen in the world can go to request his or her human need and human want whenever. Other next steps would be to market the app to other coders, so they can refine it to attract citizens.


State controller offices The U.S Government Accountabilities Office (GAO) https://www.gao.gov/mobile/



“Re-distributing income without touching means of production”

Why money exists, and who invented money:

https://www.quora.com/Why-does-money-exist and https://www.quora.com/Who-invented-money

An economy without taxes: https://www.offthegridnews.com/financial/imagine-a-world-without-taxes-heres-what-it-would-look-like/

Examples of what taxes are used for:

There are a host of things we expect from our governments (federal, state and local): defense from external threats enabling a framework for transacting with foreign nations police protection fire/rescue services highways/city streets laws that govern interpersonal transactions courts to adjudicate disputes standardization of central goods (currency, weights and measures, ... the things that enable us to make sure we are all talking in the same "language") public services (education, water supply, sewage removal, snow removal, etc.) emergency services“ Primary items A. Add the Maslow’s hierachy pyramid
B. Add a tax bracket for citizens (starting with the U.S) to register

Secondary items A. Create a database linked with all the government money in the country for citizens to request his or her need and want filtered through the pyramid B. Make the database interact with the pyramid


  • Host for free with www.000webhost.com
  • Use Php for language
  • My SQL for the database
  • A channel to channel interface to access these two servers to make them work together

“international comparisons of government spending policies. I wonder if US state-to-state comparisons make sense as well? This may be an easier case to start - we could key it off of per-capita state income. Internationally, it is fascinating! However, there will be many more differences we might have to think about or account for.

Your Wikipedia idea is good too- I wonder if we can extend more generally? As you probably know, there is a Wikipedia app, but can we use the common data format in wikis to add an additional app or site to just pull and compare data all day? Ideally easily pop the data into Excel and R-lang ? We might build on the wiki data format?

I like the idea of a universal data app or system just for wiki data.

We should be offering capstone projects in about 15 months on the UConn Stamford campus. Currently we are just starting Sophomore year in computer science. We will have to be starting senior year to execute capstone projects.”

"When you're surviving, you can't dream."

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