Tax tracker “A website citizens can go to view how taxes are distributed”

Inspiration: A couple of college students wondered why there isn't a way to look at the government spending publicly. They then stepped back and realized that just like them others wondered about other tax solutions for citizens needs and wants.

What it does: Wikipedia lists countries by tax rate. Our web app views how taxes are distributed filtered through the maslow’s hierachy pyramid.

Challenges: There are certains things that are difficult to categorize

What’s next for Tax tracker: In theory, we want our website to include a way for people to request their need or want. Other next steps would be to market the app to other coders, so they can refine it to attract citizens.

What will need to be done for tax tracker is:

html for page layout Css for styling Javascript for page interaction Machine learning to define what the task is then apply networks that are trained to recognize tax information

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