We've all had technical interviews to prepare for. It's tough even on the best of days. In the end, success comes from consistency.

What it does

With Tavern, you don't have to go at it alone. Algorithm challenges are now more like your favourite roleplaying game than interview preparation. Each day your guild unlocks up to 6 algorithm challenges to solve while competing for the top spots on a global leaderboard and opportunities to apply for exclusive job postings!

How we built it

We knew we'd be pressed for time during this hackathon. It always comes down to the wire. With only 24 hours to get something off the ground, we utilized Redwood JS to help us move fast. With Redwood we wouldn't have to worry about tedious boilerplate or configuration, allowing us to get right to the heart of the product.

Challenges we ran into

From the start we wanted to have a rich character creator to connect with your inner roleplaying gamer. We chose SVG for layers of the character creation tool knowing that it would allow us an opportunity to scale our images and keep them crisp. The SVGs brought along a bunch of challenges we didn't expect, so we ended up going with a simpler random character generator in the end.

messed up character

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Four adventurers set out on a mission for 24 cold hours during the dawn of the year 2021. They had no idea what dangers they would face but together their bond grew stronger. Let this be a lesson to any evil wizards lurking in the realm of Tavern!

We are happy we survived! We spent the last 24 hours coding, drinking energy drinks, coding, and not sleeping. It was a blast and we look forward to next year!

problem solving page

What we learned

  • Working with SVGs is hard
  • Estimates are hard
  • It's always a good thing to under-scope and over-deliver
  • Energy drinks work wonders

What's next for Tavern

Who knows?! We love the product and love solving algorithms together. Maybe the next time you prepare for interviews you'll be competing against a global leaderboard as a half-elf wizard!

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