Imagine you're driving down the road. It's a beautiful day, birds are chirping, and you're on your way home for some dinner. You notice the lane next to you is closing in 2 miles but think nothing of it....until your lane grinds to a stop. For the next 30 minutes you inch along while the people in the "closing" lane fly past you, getting all the way to the end and then squeezing into your lane. Now imagine you're at the front of the line, right where the lane closes, the person in front of you starts to go and just when you take your foot off the brake, BOOM, a car zooms right in front of you, slamming on their brakes so they don't take out the car in front of them (consequently making you slam on your brakes as well.)

What do you do? Cuss, probably. Make some mean faces, perhaps. Basically, nothing much.

Until now.

Now, there's another option, and it's called TattleSnap.

TattleSnap is Organized Road Rage.

It's for the people trying to pass someone going under the speed limit in the fast lane. It's for the people who have to slam on their brakes when someone stops at a flashing yellow light. It's for the people who need a parking space but can't find one because someone parked in the middle of two.

In short, it's for everyone.

TattleSnap is completely hands free, from start to finish.

It's fairly simple to work: Once you register for the website, you receive a "Welcome" message from SendGrid and may begin using the app. You mount your phone on your car dash OR have the passenger hold it, when someone cuts you off (or something similar) you say one of your "Trigger Words" to take a picture (ex. "Snap!"), the app takes the Snap, and asks for your message. Once you dictate your message the app asks for confirmation and submits to the website (where the license plate is blurred for privacy.)

Once on the website, you can view your Home page (which includes your and your friends' Snaps), your "My Snaps" page which has all your Snaps ever taken, the "Public Snaps" page which is sorted by Newest, and your "Friends" page where you may view your friend's Snap page and/or defriend them. You may also Search for Friends with our Search page.

People can also follow our Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest pages for some of our favorite Snaps.

We are most proud of the app's Hands-Free functions.

In the Future, we have plans to use OpenCV for license plate detection and reading, we would like to give users the ability to "like" Snaps so they may be sorted by Most Popular, and we'd like to give Users the ability to save their favorite Snaps to an album on their Snap page. We also have plans to give users the ability to search and see if they've been "tattled" on in a page called "Snaps of Me."

Eventually, we would like to incorporate ALL forms of tattling (Ex. when you're at Walmart in the 10 items or less line and the person in front of you has a full basket.)

We believe TattleSnap is not just an app, but a brand, and can become the next big Social Networking Site.

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