The story begins as both founders struggle through uninspired onboarding and training. Existing processes were confusing, boring, and overwhelming - when there was a structured program in place. After searching for an affordable and easy way to enable knowledge sharing, Chris and Alex meet and start building a solution.

Tasytt (formerly OneBase) evolved and transformed before emerging as the thoughtfully designed platform you see today. These progressive iterations have refined our culture, comprised of our mission, vision, and values. The name Tasytt is derived from the word "tacit", used to describe complex knowledge and intangible ideas that are difficult to quantify or exchange.

What it does

Tasytt is a platform that helps companies automate employee onboarding. Develop effective new hires by giving them access to the tools and information they’ll need every day right away. Decrease the time it takes to transform a new hire to a productive employee, and focus less on paper and more on your people. Click here to see the full features list.

How I built it

Tasytt is built in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada by a group of goofy but hardworking Canadians. It is built on Microsoft Technology including Office365 and OneDrive integrations, and is hosted on Microsoft Azure.

What's next for Tasytt

We're generating revenue and sales and will be seeking seed round funding by Q3 this year.

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