Our IT team receives a lot of requests through Slack. This is no exception for me. This communication has dramatically improved the speed of development by allowing us to easily ask questions in Slack, and if we know what we can do, we ask for it. As the number of staff members increased and the number of projects grew, it became more difficult to find out what was being asked of me and what I needed to do from Slack. I was using the existing threads and Mentions tabs, but these are designed so that the latest one with a post added comes up at the top of the page. This way, if you have more than 10 tasks, you will never see the requests you received in the past again. I wonder if it would be possible to create a world where the interactions in Slack would function as an excellent task list. This is a theme I've been thinking about.

What it does

When you receive a Mention from someone. When a comment is made on a thread that has received a Mention. This app is useful when there is a post related to you. This application will automatically catch them and display them on the dashboard of the app home screen. In the Mentions tab, you can see a list of posts that come in automatically. For posts that you don't need to keep track of, you can simply press the archive button and crisply archive them. The difference between this and the existing threads and mentions pages is that it has an archive function. This allows you to keep only the ones you need at hand for review.

How we built it

The application was done using Slack bolt for python. The build is done on Heroku. The application was created with a lot of help from members of the Slack Community.

Challenges we ran into

The application uses the Block Kit to draw the information. For example, in the home screen, the maximum number of Blocks that can be drawn is 100, so the information is only displayed within that limit. We asked users to report on how they felt using the system in this state, and one of the comments that came up was, "Can we increase the amount of information displayed? One of the most common comments was, "Can we increase the amount of information displayed?

Accomplishments that we're proud of

At first, the application was built with internal use in mind, but we decided to offer it as a public application because we thought that similar needs existed outside the company. Since its release in December 2021, we have been beta testing it, and the number of users has exceeded 100 and is still growing gradually.

What we learned

I started building Slack applications in May of 2021, and this will be my fifth application. I've found that whether people install it or not depends on how close we are to the little issues that Slack users feel every day. Slack applications are used by teams rather than by one person. We also found that if one person notices how useful it is, the installation will spread throughout the organization. These findings are factors that will have a significant impact on the design of the app. I am now looking forward to thinking about what kind of implementation I can do to make it more useful and have the whole team use it.

What's next for TASUKARU-TaskAll- Task manager for slack

The word "TASUKARU" means "Helpfull" in Japanese. I would like to find and implement features that would be helpful to have in Slack. For starters, I'm thinking about Salesforce integration. Manual URL:

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