cost per acquisition marketing

What it does

we want to be bridge between food blogger and culinary business. with cashback coupon system, taste & me let business owner promote their culinary business to the right target. with top-up some deposit they can generate e-coupon which has self-defined amount, and automatically published on taste & me website. food blogger can take any coupon exchanged with the token they got every write/post a culinary review (taste experience). user can redeem coupon to business onwner (outlet) with buy some product. so, it will guarantee cost of promotion spent gaining sales.

How I built it

Built minimum viable product, Validation to users (food blogger & business owner) locally, Make promotion, Hold event, Building community

Challenges I ran into

user education for new model of promotion, make users trust with this system., building community.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

2-3 months of development. got 40 new users in first 2 weeks

What I learned

User generated content can be triggered with this system. Trust is number one issues which must be considered. Building project is not just about technical stuff.

What's next for Taste & Me

mobile app, payment gateway, get investment.

Built With

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