We surveyed employees (mostly product managers) about the tools they use to manage their group projects. 91% reported that the usability of their current tool could be improved. Some of the main problems we discovered were that people felt overly burdened by their current tool. Multiple research participants described their current tool as “heavy” or “overwhelming”, and 86% reported using an entirely different tool for their personal to-dos. We think this feeling of being overwhelmed comes from not being able to visualize the full list of personal tasks broken down and accessible on one platform. Also, users could not personalize their subtasks.

What it does

Tasky allows its users to create a subtask that they could adhere to which feeds back into the total progress of a project. Tasky adds to the items view in as an extra tab called “personal” in which the user can post personal tasks and notes that are only viewable to the user. Additionally the added task progression can be tracked by a progress bar that can be toggled on and off. How I built it Tasky was built using React along with a couple open-source tools including React Beautiful Dnd and React Select. The project was created using the developer setup and integrated into the item view section. In its current state, it is a front end demo showcasing how the project works and what features are present. In the future, for full usability, integration into the API will be required to save new data generated by the user and ensure the information stored will persist between sessions.

Challenges I ran into

As a team we worked great together. One of the main challenges we faced included different time zones inside and outside the country. Our team overcame this challenge by scheduling for future meetings at the end of every meeting. Another challenge was having to choose which problems to tackle. Although there were many different well thought out ideas, it was not always feasible to incorporate every cool feature into our project in the set amount of time. Lastly, it was also a challenge to make sure that we were utilizing all talents in the team in the most efficient way while making sure no one was left out.

Accomplishments that we are proud of

While we had moments of disagreements and uncertainty, what we are most proud of is how each member respected each other by keeping an open mind and listening to everyone’s ideas and reasoning. Teammates were also eager to step-up as needed for certain parts of the projects and the level of communication for a group of professionals and individuals that had no previous experience working together was top-notch. Lastly, of course one of our proudest accomplishments was seeing our project come to life.

What we learned

As a group, we learn that lot, but our key takeaways were: Everyone was empowered There was no boss Built trust Communicated politely Celebrated small wins No fear

What's next for Tasky

While we have enjoyed building Tasky, we are looking at the possibility of adding customization features such as colors, font size,and different fonts for each sub-task created. Furthermore, we would like to explore the infusion of AI on the platform.

Built With

React.js React Select React Beautiful Dnd

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