TaskTeam 'Live In Harmony' The ultimate task completion tool that will help your household get tasks done!

TaskTeam automagically assigns customizable household tasks to you and your housemates, so you can continue on with your busy day. Through gamification and inherent competition, TaskTeam will motivate you and your housemates to race neck-and-neck to take out that overflowing trash basket that's been fermenting in the corner for the past five months.

TaskTeam is built on Ruby 2 and Rails 4 using SQLite3 in dev and PostgreSQL in production on Heroku. We utilize omniauth for encrypted social login via Facebook. Furthermore, we built on top of a fully-responsive design, so although there aren't any native mobile apps yet, TaskTeam functions beautifully on all devices.

Our further plans include the expansion into APIs such as Twilio for push notification reminders for outstanding tasks and Venmo for thank you and bounty payments. Besides just chores, we can see TaskTeam being used for small-time project management and event coordination.

HackMIT has provided us with the opportunity to kick-start what we hope to build into an intuitive and widely adopted productivity solution.

For Testing username: test@taskte.am password: password

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