Our inspiration began with our desire for an easy freelance app that would be helpful and manageable to people experiencing a pandemic. While apps like Fiverr offer such a service, we wanted to focus on a product that focuses on the smaller, more mundane tasks that users need to fulfill. Finding help during a pandemic can be difficult enough, as well as finding work. We wanted to bridge this gap and connect those looking for a quick job and those looking for a quick hand to create Tasks2GO, one less empty hand.

What It Does

Tasks2GO is an online freelance marketplace providing a platform for users to quickly exchange goods and services. Users are able to submit requests for certain jobs to be done, such as "helping me build my PC," and their request will be put on a public list for other users to fulfill. Users are also able to submit their skills and services so other users can find someone just right for the job! Tasks2GO monitors the transaction status of the exchange and when the task has been done, Tasks2GO streamlines the exchange through our purchasing portal to finish the job, leaving one person with some quick cash and another with one less empty hand.

Tasks2GO utilizes a reputation system to encourage a safe and efficient marketplace. Users are able to leave ratings for one another after each transaction based on the trustworthiness and quality of the buyer/seller.


As we are all relatively new to app development, we were searching for a platform to help us visualize our product desires in an easy, satisfying app. We enjoyed using Appsmith to create our vision of Tasks2GO and hope we were able to utilize the tool to its full potential. Thanks to Appsmith, we were able to implement all of our desired details and more!

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