As a busy professional, I want to be able to find someone to run my errands for me within a timeframe, and find the best taskrunner for it

As a taskrunner, I want to be able to complete my tasks as efficiently as possible and maximize my income

As a busy professional who lives far away from their elderly parents or loved ones, I want to be able to find someone reliable to run errands for them

As a user, I want to be able to rate the performance of the taskrunner and view their past ratings to make a more informed decision about who to hire.

What it does

Taskr is like a combination of Uber and Tinder for running errands (or "tasks"). Users can either sign up as a Helpee or a TaskRunner, and the app adapts to them based on their selection.

Helpees can request TaskRunners to help them perform a variety of tasks, from grocery shopping to picking up a library book. This request is then sent out to TaskRunners in their area. The TaskRunners can then accept the request to help, but the Helpee must approve the TaskRunner (based on the TaskRunner's ratings) so as to avoid unreliable TaskRunners and to pick the best Taskrunner to work with.

Tasks that follow a similar route are automatically merged into one when the Taskrunner receives their list of tasks, allowing them to be as efficient as possible when performing tasks and to maximize their earnings by completing multiple tasks simultaneously. When a task is completed, both parties verify the completion, and the Helpee rates how well the Taskrunner did, in order to improve the user experience for all and encourage Taskrunners to put more effort into their assigned tasks.

Taskr also allows you to pay for TaskRunners to run tasks for your family, friends, and local community organizations. With Taskr, it’s easy to donate, care for loved ones from afar, and complete your tasks all from a central location.

How we built it

Taskr was first designed in Figma and then the frontend was hacked together in React Native. Appsmith was used for an internal developer dashboard that can view all the ongoing tasks, as well as all the completed and future tasks. Google cloud functions were also used to drive the algorithmic side of the backend, and CockroachDB served as the database for our app.

GCP: Google Cloud Functions

CockroachDB: POSTGRESQL database hosted on CockroachCloud domain: ""

Challenges we ran into

Working virtually and having team members in a wide range of timezones (3 different timezones!) proved to be a challenge in terms of communication. To combat this issue, we set up a check-in meeting roughly every 4 hours to catch up on our progress and to set goals for future check-ins.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

Making new friends

Researching ways to connect in a world of social barriers

Learning new systems

What we learned

React Native can be finicky and buggy at times! Being able to find different ways of achieving the same visual effect is a great skill to have and can assist greatly in the debugging process.

What's next for TaskR

Besides polishing the app both in terms of fixing bugs and improving the UI to make it more intuitive, TaskR could integrate with an even bigger set of tasks besides just grocery shopping and picking up library books. Reinforcement Machine Learning could also be used to improve the quality of merged tasks and to better match TaskRunners to Helpees.

Who we are

From undergrad to doctorate, 3 different time zones, and somewhat boundless skill sets in product development, our vastly diverse team came together on one idea - efficient connections.

Our world is now more confined than ever before, but we believe that doesn't mean we have to be all left on our own. There is still a duty for each person to help one another within a community and we wanted to share how that can be spread further with technology. We wanted to create a tool to help others for running errands, showing support, and driving efficiency.

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