We often forget, or are not even aware that we need to do things when we are certain places. Our app fixes that. We hope to make people more efficient, and happier overall.

What it does

Allows users to put in tasks tagged with a location which we store. Then when they, or a friend, goes to this place it texts them of the task that they want to do, or their friend wants them to do. For example, if Ishan wants potatoes he would tag a supermarket and when his friend Lawrence goes to one he would be alerted of this. It also would work if Ishan went as well. It would work if Ishan went to the market himself as well.

How we built it

We built the app in Swift for iOS which gets the users location and provides the ability for them to make tasks and tag a location. Then we send a request to our scriptr script which creates the entry in the database (mongoDB) if the user is creating a task. A user is defined by his phone number which has locations with various tasks. Then when a user goes to a previously defined location, we send a request to another scriptr script which uses twilio to alert the person it needs to alert by text message.

Challenges we ran into

Getting the front end to work, and using Twilio with scriptr.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We have made something we would actually use and be useful.

What we learned

Virtually everything in this hack was new to us. We never used scriptr, mongo, aws, swift or twilio. A lot was learned.

What's next for taskl

We want to polish the front end up a lot. We also want to introduce groups of people to add tasks. Also the ability to tag types of locations so that we can understand where our users are going and create alerts for other locations.

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