What it does

Tracks and allows people to update appointments and tasks across platforms

How we built it

we used amazons dynamo db alexa, and amazon serverless lambdas and with a java application for the demo GUI

Challenges we ran into

working with, and understanding the node.js lambda and querying the dynamodb with the java, and node.js AWS SDKs

Accomplishments that we're proud of

it has most of the functionality we hoped to achieve in such a limited time frame, and it we did it before the demo!

What we learned

The AWS Node.js, and Java api along with how to make Amazon Alexa skills, and work with the serverless Amazon Dynamo DB, and Amazon Lambdas.

What's next for taskKeeper

to create an ecosystem to interact with all your calendar and task scheduling data centers through an organic interfacing with the alexa for on the fly scheduling, alex PC, android, ios, and increased interactivity with the alexa.

Built With

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