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A library to do [jobs, tasks, flows] in a highly available, easy to understand and declarative manner (and more!) to be used with OpenStack and other projects.

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Testing and requirements


Because this project has many optional (pluggable) parts like persistence
backends and engines, we decided to split our requirements into two
parts: - things that are absolutely required (you can't use the project
without them) are put into ``requirements.txt``. The requirements
that are required by some optional part of this project (you can use the
project without them) are put into our ``test-requirements.txt`` file (so
that we can still test the optional functionality works as expected). If
you want to use the feature in question (`eventlet`_ or the worker based engine
that uses `kombu`_ or the `sqlalchemy`_ persistence backend or jobboards which
have an implementation built using `kazoo`_ ...), you should add
that requirement(s) to your project or environment.


Our tox.ini file describes several test environments that allow to test TaskFlow with different python versions and sets of requirements installed. Please refer to the tox_ documentation to understand how to make these test environments work for you.

Developer documentation

We also have sphinx documentation in docs/source.

To build it, run:


$ python setup.py build_sphinx

.. _kazoo: http://kazoo.readthedocs.org/ .. _sqlalchemy: http://www.sqlalchemy.org/ .. _kombu: http://kombu.readthedocs.org/ .. _eventlet: http://eventlet.net/ .. _tox: http://tox.testrun.org/ .. _developer documentation: http://docs.openstack.org/developer/taskflow/

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