In some cases, students with mental or developmental disabilities, even those with excellent brains, have difficulty managing their assignments, lose credits, fail to graduate, and have to drop out of school. Even after graduation, some students are unable to find a job because they cannot manage their job hunting schedule. We heard the stories of many of these students and came up with a website called taskcom together with them to find a solution.


精神障害や発達障害のある方は、頭脳優秀な方であっても、課題の管理が難しく、単位を落とし、留年し、卒業できずに退学をしなければならなくなるケースがあります。 卒業しても、就職活動のスケジュール管理がままならず、就職できない方もいらっしゃいます。 そういった多くの学生のお話を聞き、なんとか解決できないかと、学生さんと一緒にtaskcomを考えました。

What it does

taskcom is an unprecedented task management support service for college students that specializes in assignment management and submission. There are five meticulous features that solve the problems of students that we have interviewed. The most important feature is that it can reduce input. By linking to the university's online system, the content of assignments to be submitted is automatically reflected without the student having to input it, and there is also a reminder function. The handling of personal information will be handled properly with integrity under the Personal Information Protection Law.


taskcomは、これまでになかった「大学生の課題管理・提出に特化したタスク管理支援サービス」です。 ヒアリングしてきた学生の悩みを解決するきめ細やかな5つの機能があります。 最大の特徴は「入力を軽減できる」ということです。大学のオンラインシステムと連携することで学生が入力しなくても提出するべき課題内容が自動的に反映され、リマインダー機能もあります。 個人情報の取り扱いについては、個人情報保護法の元に誠実に対応予定です。

How we built it

Japanese universities are now required by law to provide reasonable accommodations.

  1. Bring this video and proposal to the university lab.
  2. Ensure a budget, then work with the university and students to create a more detailed specification.
  3. Develop the system with the university, students, our team members and mentors.
  4. We aim to have the system adopted by the university as one of the reasonable accommodations.



Challenges we ran into

In the middle of the hackathon, there was only one team member. After all, another member joined the team, and with the support of the secretariat and mentors, we were able to submit the video this time.


ハッカソンの途中でチームメンバーが一人となってしまったことです。 その後、もう一人チームに加わり、事務局のサポート、メンターのサポートがあって、今回の動画提出にたどり着くことができました。

Accomplishments that we're proud of

If taskcom can be made available to students at universities, it can help students who have to drop out of school or are unable to find a job, even though it is not their intention to do so.



What's next for taskcom

If the university's know-how can be provided to home appliance manufacturers and connected to home appliances through IoT, they can send reminders to students about their assignments when they open the refrigerator or use the microwave oven, for example. This technology can also be used to prevent elderly people from forgetting to take their medication. Likewise, it is also useful for the general public. We hope to make life more comfortable for everyone by making it possible for people to get reminder notifications whenever and wherever they need them.


大学でのノウハウを家電メーカーに提供し、IoTによって家電とつなぐことができれば、例えば冷蔵庫を開けた時、電子レンジを使用した時などに、学生へ課題のリマインドを送ることができます。 そしてこの技術は、高齢者の薬の飲み忘れ防止にも汎用できます。一般の方にも便利です。 いつでもどこでも、必要な時に必要な場所でリマインド通知を得れるようにし、すべての人にとって快適な生活を実現したいと考えています。

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