We love capturing ideas in Evernote, but when it comes to action, we grab our task app or calendar. After forgetting tasks and events lost in our notes, we knew we could do better.

What it does

Automatically extract to-dos (checkbox with text), events, note titles or Evernote Reminders and copies them to over 40+ task apps and calendars. We're the only service that extracts individual todos and sends them as tasks or events.

How we built it

Months of pain, but you knew that. PHP/MySQL for the backend and HIGHLY customized Bootstrap on the front.

Challenges we ran into

Evernote's API is awesome, but reliably extracting checkbox items from their proprietary ENML format is a $#&*)(@. With multiple variations of backend code across multiple platforms, it is both a colossal pain and a barrier to entry.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

It's been great adding value to the lives of thousands all over the world and having productivity gurus call our service "brilliant". As for coding, using good ole' email to connect with task apps has proven reliable, trackable and flexible and in most cases more robust than their APIs (which many don't have). Using inbound email parsing to handle user verification has also been critical.

What we learned

Making things easy is incredibly hard!

What's next for TaskClone

Infinity and beyond . . .Oh, OneNote integration and few tricks up our sleeve with popular task app APIs.

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