Stuck with an evergrowing to-do list that never seems to be completed? Try TaskBurner! TaskBurner is a to-do list that helps you plan your day and make sure you get your task done by separating the tasks into certain categories.

Inspired by Martin Boehme: https://youtu.be/cWW7Q4eJr8w?t=431

Getting Started

To get started simply download the Expo App and go to https://expo.io/@ziyangkettle/TaskBurner

Your Task Slaying Kitchen

These tools will help you in putting these tasks to the cutting board and for you to become a productive task chef.

Back Burner

This burner list is for any tasks that are not the most urgent to complete.

Front Burner

This burner list is for the tasks that must be done now and is your main source of attention.


This list is meant to store any daily tasks that must be done every day. (Don't worry they are the gummy kind)


This is for tasks that must be done but are usually infrequent when to be completed. (Ex: Paying rent)

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