You go to college and decide to move in with your friends. It feels great. You guys will have tons of fun together, play video games, laugh all day long. Life couldn’t be better.

Two months later you find yourself in an apocalypse. The house is a mess, three-meter tall piles of dishes have accumulated and you and your housemates all hate each other. You ask yourself: “How did we even get to this point? Was there something we could’ve done to avoid this?”. Well, now there is!

What it does

TaskApp is the ultimate web-based solution for organizing house chores between you and your hommies. With TaskApp each resident can subscribe to one or more houses, schedule tasks and take a look at other residents’ tasks!

Even better, as TaskApp is Open-Source you can either use our own servers to hold your chores’ data or self-host a server on your own home using a RaspberryPi.

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