We have been using two different pieces of software to manage tasks in house and they have different levels of involvement. One, libreboard is a Kanban board that allows for arbitrary lists of tasks that can be dragged from one list to another. The other, projectaccount is from and is our projects and time entry software. We thought, what if we could do both in the same place.

What it does

It makes task management lists more tied to a user account, and interacts with the projectaccount API in order to populate the database with clients, projects, and other meta data. It also allows us to take draggable tasks and turn them into time entries when their status changes.

How I built it

Ian Hilt and I brainstormed for a few days prior and programmed what we could in the 24 hours. We discussed what packages we would need and used insecure methodologies to come up with a MVP before adding in layers of security and other time consuming parts of development.

Challenges I ran into

Initially we were tempted to integrate with d3 and use a graph node network instead of a Kanban hybrid but after a few hours of not progressing we dropped it for a more achievable approach.

Accomplishments that I'm proud of

While we didn't fully complete the project we picked up some new skills along the way that we were excited to learn more about.

What I learned

React components in Meteor are pretty cool. D3 is hard but very neat when you get it going. There are many 'draggable' packages but only 1 ended up working for what we needed.

What's next for Task Web

Finishing it probably... It needs to do all the things it needs to. Add comments and attachments to tasks, handle different states and interactions between teams.

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